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2.08 // 2.09 (aka the worst parallel ever)

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Countdown to Season 4 || Week 3: Favorite Season 1 Character: Addie Langdon

I wanna be a pretty girl!

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Shut up and win.

That is an order.

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So I murder love in the night,
Watching them fall one by one
They fight,
Do you think you’ll,
Love me too?

Baby, I’m a sociopath,
Sweet serial killer.
On the warpath,
Cause I love you,
Just a little too much.

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One minute the teacher was talking about the civil war. And the next minute he was gone. There. Gone. No ‘poof.’ No flash of light. No explosion.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHRUTI!! ily a lot and hope you have a super duper awesome day!

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